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1. Rock and Roll Loser: (MP3) | (WAV)
2. Another Song of Mine: (MP3) | (WAV)
3. Believe: (MP3) | (WAV)
4. Hey!: (MP3) | (WAV)
5. A**hole: (MP3) | (WAV)
6. I Got Kids: (MP3) | (WAV)
7. Misinformed: (MP3) | (WAV)
8. Something Good: (MP3) | (WAV)
9. Pandora's Box: (MP3) | (WAV)
10. China Blue: (MP3) | (WAV)
11. One Less Thing I Gotta Worry About: (MP3) | (WAV)
12. (Ain't Nobody Got it) Better than Me: (MP3) | (WAV)
     *Hey! (Dave Perricone Remix): (MP3) | (WAV)

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